Sliding Door Closers

Barrier-free buildings are becoming increasingly needed at schools, hospitals, and welfare homes in order to provide assistance for the physically-challenged and elderly. Hashida Giken continues to research, develop, and manufacture sliding door closers in an attempt to help support human life.

By continuing to produce doors with the currently available features, and continuing to develop and expand new features Hashida Giken hopes to create a wide variety of barrier-free environments to accommodate customers with versatile needs.

Features of the Sliding Door Closer

The innovation of door closer

Hashida Giken produces highly durable sliding door closers to compensate heavy-weight doors.Due to the closers durability we are able to provide safe and reliable door operation.

Functional with double-doors of up to 190kg

Interlocked sliding doors are also available

Adjustable closing speed

By adjusting the valves of the hydraulic door closer the closing speed of the door can be altered (three speed settings available).

Stable operation

Our sliding door closer is not affected by change in location or surrounding environment. It continues working in the best condition, even under extreme temperature.

Quiet opening and closing operation

The implementation of reinforced resin rollers and aluminum rails reduce opening and closing noise, suitable for installation at hospitals, libraries, schools, or anywhere quiet operation is required.


Can be used in restroom applications provided that stainless steel parts are used.

Optional systems

We offer optional systems for customers who desire additional auto door functions.

Halt Function

This function allows the door to be stopped in the open position. The distance the door is to be propped open as well as the retention force can be adjusted by a simple screwdriver.